first two plants to grow

June 09, 2010

Needless to say bringing home "pasalubong" is a common practice we Filipinos normally do whenever we get to be somewhere new or far from our place. So what do I got from Camiguin? Aside of course from their famous goodies (pastel, rice crispies, peanut brittle and cheese sticks) I also bought a souvenir shirt for each of my daughters and nieces. I also got few key holders in different native designs. And since I am not really so fond of wearing T-shirt I instead spend my budget for myself to these plants.Again, my apology for having such a terrible memory... I sure have read the label that says the name of each plant but I simply can't remember them.

I know the leafy one (left) bear small colorful bell pepper - like product. I am not sure exactly whether it's fruit, flower or vegetable while the other one on the right is completely  strange to me however, I saw a couple older version of it  from the flower shop where I bought them and they really looks nice... they're  actually decorative plants -perfect for house corners.

By the way, for the record... they are my first two plants to grow ever. Both just turned a month under my care and they are growing well so far.

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