camiguin summer escapade: day 4 (part 2)

June 06, 2010

Third stop...

It would have been fulfilling if we were able to climb up through the last step of this historic stairway but all our strength were already consumed from our previous stop and I also don't think the girls will still make it to the top so some of us just marched up through the 4th station and back. While the rest were taking their time at the nearby souvenir shop.

Then we head on over to another Camiguin's popular, the Sunken Cemetery. It was around eleven in the morning when we got there and the water was high so this is all we could see from few meters across.

For only 20 pesos ($0.4 cents)/ person, a boatman can take you towards the feet of the cross to get a closer and clearer view of the sunken cemetery. I wonder what this cemetery is called before the volcano eruption event. I should have asked it to our tour guide. Or maybe I can make a further research on that.

So anyway, aside from this cemetery here is another product of a separate volcano eruption event that wrecked not only this church but the entire Barangay of Bonbon centuries ago.

I was just about to take shots from the outside view when a very kind caretaker appeared and invited us in. Good thing she did because if not, we didn't get to see the entirety of this purely sea- coral made church of the 16th century and the rest of its features such as this Bell Tower...

the old convent with a lighthouse...

and this giant tree...

Looks like an oak tree to me but local people there rather call it a century tree.

Amazing views, are they not?  There's still a lot more interesting stories behind all these places and events. I hope to gather the details together so I can share then here as well. I hope you enjoy the virtual tour.

Thanks for reading! :D

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