camiguin summer escapade: day 4 (part 1)

June 03, 2010

Camiguin is a very small island with lots of fascinating tourist attractions to be proud of. And although we've literally toured around on our third day, we've actually only visited  half of those main attractions so on our fourth day we completed our goal.

Since we started in Mambajao this time we as well didn't miss the chance to stop at their famous Pastel store to shop for "pasalubong" (take home goodies).

Looking at this particular angle this store may just look ordinary but did you know that this is the home of original Pastel of Camiguin... also happens to be Cagayan de Oro City's popular take home item.

As soon as we're all done shopping, we headed right away to take a glance at Camiguin's famous White Sand Island. See the white thin line from across the sea? That is it... the C-white sand island!

A little bit frustrated but we had to bear with the fact that children are not allowed to sail towards the island on some occasions like when the current is strong. Although the weather was fine that day, we just opt not to take any risk.

Not on our list but our tour guide suggested to stop and take a look at this semi privately owned haven and it was indeed marvelous!

We had to walk down about a kilometer winding roadway and this is what surprises us as we reached down the tip of the road. The water down is not so safe for bathing with all the stones and boulders around but still a lot of people chose to go and breathe some fresh air from the place.

By the way, the structures built in the place were owned by European Nationals however, the road is still government owned so that's what made the place still accessible to the public.

to be continued...

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