wish i know its name

May 19, 2010

Would anyone know what this plant is called?

By this little flower shop was where we parked our car while waiting for my Aunties to run their errand at the municipal hall of Mambajao in Camiguin during our fourth and final day. I didn't really intend to buy flowers but just so to have to do while waiting, I went to see what's inside it and it astonished  me to realize that these hanging vines were actually roofing the entire shop making  its environment so relaxing and cool. While on the ground lays hundreds of different kind of plants and flowers for sale.

My cousin managed to ask how to grow the vines and the owner was so kind to explain it to us and even gave us some of its braches for free. I replanted it right away as soon as we got home and now it is starting to climb up on the wood stick that I buried down by it. Now the only thing that bothers my mind is its name. Wish I know what it's called.

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  1. I have vines in my front yard. I love vines once they take hold they tend to make a blanket.