proud tech

May 18, 2010

That's how I feel today for the little accomplishment I've done for my computer and I owe it to my ever reliable technician (Richard) whom I have first known back in Davao. He works in one of the biggest computer distributing company from where I purchase my first desktop computer before. He happened to be my attending technician when it first had its trouble. I found him nice and kind so I need not to feel uncomfortable each time I have to call him for help.

Just this morning, via phone call he walked me through fixing my computer. It wasn't a very convenient way of helping in his part but still he did his best. I am on the other hand is just as proud to be able to execute things exactly as I'm told. Somehow I am also thankful for instances like this because each time it happen I get to learn something new. Soon, I won't only be helping myself but others as well.

Thanks to my coaches! :)

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