first peek of our family's summer escapade

May 24, 2010

Finally as promised, here's a peak of our family's summer escapade this year.

This was the very first scenic picture I took when we reach Balingoan port. This was taken from the back of the restaurant where we had lunch. I was just supposed to use the comfort room after I ate. I didn't realize until then that we were actually having a grand lunch on top of the seawater. The kitchen staffs at the restaurant were kind of busy serving so instead of asking what the hill like view from across the sea is called I just took few pictures right away and left.

By the way, at Balingoan port is where we took a barge ride to cross towards Benoni port of Camiguin. It was approximately 45 minute ride.

Balingoan Port

And this was the queue of the cars waiting for their turn to get in the barge. Ours were up towards the end. Imagine how many tons of vehicles a single barge is carrying everyday! That must be too heavy for a work load, huh! No wonder the fees. :D

Oh and the omitted sign says, NO unloading/parking! :D

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