dead tired!

May 05, 2010

Fresh from Camiguin Island, I'd like to welcome myself back! How is everyone doing? I have such a fantastic vacation, I can't wait to share hundreds of panoramic and pictures of us that my camera took from our 5-day summer getaway. But that should take a little while because I'm dead tired (obviously) and all I can think of right now is just to throw myself to bed.

We left Benoni Port of Camiguin at nearly 5am this morning and made home at around 7 this evening. It would have been earlier if we didn't take few stops along the way but we ought to because we need to eat and our drivers needed to relax a bit.

So anyway, I just signed in to check my mail that's been piling up since we left. Unfortunately, internet cafes were not available in the place we went to and that I had to endure for 5 long days. Although I managed to enjoy the entire escapade even without the internet, -:D
I shall be back after taking the much needed rest. Goodnight, everyone!

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