too uninspired to blog

April 20, 2010

That's how I am feeling lately. I'm sure as a blogger in one way or another you also have felt the same. As usual it makes me feel guilty not to be able to do my blogging chores again for days. But I simply can't gather my thoughts together when each time I try,  there's always  something that's getting in the way.

Oh well, the issue is too personal and I don't even think it's appropriate to discuss about it here so let me just refrain from going down to its details. It's already something for me to have poured down my sentiments over here at least. Things will work out fine in time, I guess. Who knows I may have just over reacted too!

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  1. I am always uninspired lately but when I think about my debts and my children, gesh, I stand up and blog! :D