test of patience

April 12, 2010

Another brand new week is here. How the last weekend went for you guys? Mine was a bit disappointing. Actually, it started right until my computer crashed on me in just a matter of minutes on Friday evening. I have finally come to the point of starting to count the damage this series of rotating brownout is going to make.

It's first victim  - my computer!

It was working all fine that day when the power suddenly shuts off and on in succession and next thing I know, my computer was already in serious trouble. The rest of the night was so dull and restless. I so wanted to revive it right away but around that time we are still anticipating the second episode of power interruption which usually takes place at eight o'clock in the evening so I know calling a technician in was not a good idea. Again, it was another test of patience.

Morning came; I went to look for a tech, first hour. It also took me almost a day to wait till it's finally done.

The sole solution was reformatting the hard drive.

Honestly, I hate the idea but it was the only option available for grab after that incident wrecked my entire system.

Obviously, I have it up back now and all running as good as new. Wish the rest of the week will be just as fine. :)

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