me and my family on good friday

April 02, 2010

good fridayEveryone at home went to observe Good Friday yesterday. For us Catholics, it is the day in which we commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. We attended the traditional ' way of the cross march' in the morning and decided to stay home in the afternoon.

The rest of the day was spent with no one else but family - watching themed movies together, eating, chit-chatting and having fun with the kids around. All in moderation though.

Tomorrow is going to be another exciting day especially for the kids as they are looking forward to witness a short play of the resurrection of Jesus. The activity will take place Sunday dawn so hmm, we'll see if they can actually fight sleepiness. Will also try not to forget to take along my camera. I noticed I became so forgetful already. Guess it's high time now to do  something about it.

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  1. sis, you've moved your blog into here. :) black saturday na nga ngayon.
    haha.we have the same home activity like watching movies. I bet your angels will be able to fight sleepiness 'pag nagandahan talaga dun sa play.

    Godbless sis. been too long di ako nakabisita.