love myself today!

April 06, 2010

I love myself today. Better mood means more achievements. So far I already have accomplished 3 major things I've asked my self to do for the day which includes cleaning and optimizing my PC that took me almost half a day to finish, submitting pending tasks from last week and finally, a quick gift shopping for my girl's birthday tomorrow. Plus, I was also able to explore my cpanel today for the first time and even utilize some of my hosting privileges. Hay, if only I'm this efficient everyday!

I really envy those people who can just live life as it comes everyday. I envy their determinations because contrary to what they are, I often worry so much for tomorrow especially over unfilled dreams and let stress rule my world that will eventually make me feel a failure at the end of the day. That is why I take advantage of times like these... where things are easy... where I can express myself freely... where I can be productive. Wish everyday is a just as pleasant as today.

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  1. You can live as you wish, so try thinking positive and you can have a better day everyday...