confirmed 10 friend requests in FB today!

April 28, 2010

I'm not so much in to social networking activities but somehow it makes me happy to see how my numbers of friends grow each now and then. Most of them are from my high school and college groups. So far, I already have close to a hundred friends. I know they're not too many compared to others but being a lazy soul that I am when it comes to socializing online, it is already a great number. Soon it'll turn to 3 figures and I'll be happier. :D

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  1. Hi Nancy, thanks for leaving a comment in my site. thanks for the visit too.
    Yah, taga Cebu ko. Actually taga Bohol but mag 4 years na ko dire sa Cebu with my family.
    Ikaw, taga Cebu sad ka? haha.

    I find the envelope budget system really effective for a family woman like me. It helps me know if I still have extra money that I can spend on not so important things so the budget for the important things are still intact. It made a huge difference to my spendings. I don't go overboard now.

  2. by the way, I am also the author of and You might want to check them specially my 2 years old personal site All the chronicles of my life are there. Bago lang kasi tong e.

  3. Nice to know Mommy! I am sure you will go more than that. Add mo na rin ba ako sa isang account ko sa FB?

  4. @mommy ruby: di ko pa alam yung new FB account mo mommy. pwede mo i PP sa'kin later :-D

  5. @irish: i'll check those sites out too sis. thanks for sharing!