an office paper holder for less

April 10, 2010

The long hours of rotating brownout is back here in our place so instead of just sitting around I thought again of something to get busy with while I wait. This time it's a hand made office paper holder.


Originally, I was planning of getting a piece or two of this holder from the store. The idea came up when I noticed that my papers and some documents are everywhere. But when I look up the price, it's kind of unreasonable for me for just a paper holder so I brought home some sheets of board instead and a roll of adhesive tape cut the board out and designed it on my own. For the final touch, I wrapped it with a spare gift wrapping paper and voila! There's my hand made paper holder. Now how much it costs me? It's less than 50 pesos (roughly a dollar and a few cents) compared to that a hundred and twenty or even more from the department store. Isn't that a huge savings? :D

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