reverse psychology

March 24, 2010

I just went blog hopping and noticed that the people I have linked here didn't actually link me back. :( They're from my blog, PM's blogroll - the old I blog today! It's either, they miss the link update request I sent their way or they just simply ignore it.

Should I be sad? Hmm, in a way, yes! But I need the reverse psychology here. I shouldn't be. I still have them in my old blog, anyway and vice-versa. :) Besides, I have just made some new friends here so that's at least something to be glad about.

By the way, Mr. Linkys widget is still up down there so anyone who's up for link exchange, feel free to add your links below or simply leave me a word along with your blog URLs to the comment section of this post. :)

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  1. Kaya pag may request as much as possible I try to do it agad, nakakalimutan kasi eh. :)

  2. exactly! i also do the same :)