good news... and more of it

March 08, 2010

To me family always comes first. That's the reason why I was away for four days. Together with my sister, I stayed with my poor little niece, Jam's side all through out her confinement in the hospital and I'm not sorry I did.

Sure, I feel a little guilty looking at the frequency of my posts here lately (ten for February and only 1 so far this month). I certainly did not buy a domain name and pay a monthly hosting service for this blog just to work for it on a weekly basis but things do happen as it comes and sometimes they are just simply beyond our control. So be it.

I tried the internet cafe to somehow post an update (on the second day I think) but I just ended up staring on a blank screen after talking to JK as the kids around got so ecstatic with the games they played making  all the noise  intolerable so I just walked out my way back to the hospital instead.

Anyway, what is important is that my niece had already recovered and I'm back online now as well. Good thing the rotating power interruption here in my area is no longer that bad unlike the previous weeks. Now that’s another good news!

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