glow in the dark

March 23, 2010

glowAs scheduled, we had our power out at eight o'clock earlier. Instead of going to mom's house like what I used to do each time we get cut, I stayed in my room all through out the entire duration of the interruption. Not too long, though.

I lit no candle and just quietly lay on my bed. Then I noticed how these little elastic moon, stars and snowflakes patched on my ceiling glowed.

I bought this sets of 'glow in the dark' thing last year. Kids love it! I find them cool and thought might help me save some power by turning my room's light during the night. Sadly, it didn't serve its purpose well as I still prefer a much brighter light when I have to do my things online.

Even so, I still enjoy looking at them especially how they glow... made me wish I have the same purpose like they do in real life.

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