fair is fair

March 30, 2010

Okay, I give up for now. Think this isn't the right time for that layout updating thing yet. I already have gone more than a day looking around the web, found a bunch but spotted none that suits my detailed preference. Yes, that's right. I know my self. I get overly meticulous when it comes to features. But that's me. I will still keep on searching every now and then but I'm not gonna strain myself for that task alone. My other blogs needs some attention too so fair is fair.

Anyway, I would appreciate suggestions or link recommendations if you happen to know some. It doesn't have to be that stylish or graphics-heavy.  All I need is a simple yet elegant template. I'm up for tweaking but not to  spending some cash for it. In short, I need a free one! :))

Thanks so much in advance!

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