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March 09, 2010

I am never fond of moderating comments since I laid my very first blog on public. Now that I have more than one blog, I still practice the same.

But not until I noticed one day that the comment section in one of my posts here got flooded with commercial advertising... sex-related products to be exact and is done by the same person bearing different identities and using numbers of email and IP addresses.

Carefully notice the screen shot below...  the comment count says 144. Ha-ha! For three years I have never even gathered comments as much as a hundred for just a single post. The domain name of this blog is only a month old on the web so I doubted it right away.

114click image to view full size

Only after it was confirmed a huge spamming when I decided to change my discussion settings. Funny because, after I deleted them all more and more of the same bulk messages are coming in succession. Hala!!!

From then on, I figured it was a spam bot.


Dear John... congratulations! You have succeeded to shower my blog with your pathetic messages. Now I have nearly 3K more to mark as spam, to delete or to simply ignore.

To my friends and readers, I certainly do still love comments. Who doesn't? But I'm sorry I ought to moderate it this time until I find such way on how to block spams without me taking the chair at all times.

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