bonded with relatives last weekend

March 02, 2010

Hi! I'm glad to have finally fit some time in to update my page here. The previous week was a draggy one. I find this rotating brownout superbly disappointing but since there's nothing I can do about it I guess I just have to deal and get use to it till it's officially over.

The last weekend however was greatly spent with family and my relatives who came all the way from Davao. My cousin, Vien purposely set that trip so we can bond together before they will go back to Australia next month.

Late last year, she came home to give birth to their first bundle of joy, baby Skyler whom we've also seen and is now 3 months old. Such an adorable baby! No wonder, all babies are. Unfortunately, we didn't get to take pictures of us (again). To my excitement, I forgot to recharge my camera batteries ahead of time.

Duh! So sloppy me!

Well, we all had fun together and that is what count the most. They enjoyed the fresh air and the foods we prepared for them especially the native chicken soup. We know it's their favorite so we never fail to have it each time they pay us a visit.

Lastly, my cousin and I chatted a lot even just under a candle light, :D.  Like the old times, we still don't seem to care even if it's already late. We only realize that we had to stop when we heard the baby's cry.

The clock reads past 1:00 am when she headed out my room.

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