weekend alternatives

February 21, 2010

Hello here! How's your weekend so far? Mine's a little disturbed but I'm managing it. I'm just signing back in actually after yesterday's power outage that started at 10 am and lasted for two hours. Yes, that was for only 2 hours but I didn't find my way back online after that instead I watched movies with my nieces, played cards with my sister, had dinner and watched TV again till I fall asleep.

Love the premier of PGT (Pilipinas Got Talent). I shouldn't be missing it every week, although I got a bit dismayed with some of the Visayas region entrants last night. I wonder if the show did some pre-screening. All I can say is that true that people will really do all it takes to get noticed. Oh well, I guess it was only to tell that the show indeed is all about a real time audition and everyone is entitled to show off their talents however the judges have to define them. In fairness to Ms. Kris Aquino (one of he judges), she behaved well last night.  She didn't show off much of her "kaartehan", LOL!

Tonight at exactly the same time (7:30 pm) it's the Mindanao entrants' time. We'll see what do the people here in my region got. That's for me to look forward to later again tonight.

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