something's missing...

February 17, 2010

...the preview button that is!

Unlike with Blogger, you can always preview the changes you've made to your theme before hitting "SAVE" but here there's none and that makes me sad because I can just imagine how inconvenient it is especially for a newbie like me who is not so familiar yet with CSS codes. Is there anyway we can suggest it to Wordpress? Hahaha!

Seriously though, to me it is really time consuming but I shouldn't let it get in the way. I'm starting to love it here and yah, it is only but one flaw compared to the rest of its user friendly features so I think I can bear with it.

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  1. hey sis, puwede nimo ma preview. once you've uploaded it, click preview before clicking activate.

    niwey, congrats on this new blog of yours. already updated your links in my sites.


    HAPPY HAPPY BDAY! mwahugs! (",)

  2. sis, dili nako makita...asa man dapit. pede pa screen shot? -:(

  3. hello sis! I just recently transferred mine and same hosting tayo sis. hehe ako nga madalas ko kulitin si mommy ruby the first few days. LOL

    sa upper left side ng dashboard mo makikita yung preview sis.

  4. hello dez! that's good news.. good for us -:)

    i just don't want to bother myself na on that preview thing... si ko talaga sya makikita, baka nagtatago, LOL!

  5. All of these articles have saved me a lot of hesaechad.