fresh wordpresser here! welcome to my blog's new home!

February 16, 2010

Hello readers and friends! Welcome to the new Peaceful Mind and to its new home!

After days of exploring I finally have figured out Wordpress. I know this no new to many but to me it is since this is going to be the first in my entire blogging years to have one of my blogs be hosted commercially.

Am I saying it right? LOL! Thanks to Mommy Ruby of for the free set up and for patiently addressing my queries. She's such a busy  mom I know but still she tries to find time here and there to be of help.

Why new Peaceful Mind? Simply because it is how this blog was known to my readers. Unfortunately, when I had to buy its custom domain somebody had already taken so I got no choice but to think of something else. That's how I derived with "I blog today". Just to avoid confusion is why I decided to change the title of the blog along.

It took me months to finally say YES to this new adventure. Like when I first learned blogging with Blogger platform, it also took me days with Wordpress just to get myself acquainted with its basics. But the quest didn't end there. The search and installing of the theme was even more complex and exhausting and it was only until yesterday when I made it look like what it is now.

Well, this is just for a start. I know down the road I will also get use to blogging the Wordpress way like I did with Blogger.

Like I promised, I have all the links of my fellow bloggers intact. To those who wants added here, link exchange is still very much welcome. I have my freshly installed chat box down there all you need to do is leave your message, your website address or even just a simple Hi and Hello will do.

These are all for now. I hope you guys have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

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  1. sis, would love to migrate na din from blogger to WP? how hard? as in how many days and sleepless nights ang kailangan ko..hehe!

  2. hello Rocks! talagang test of determination and patience ito, hahaha! Worth it naman in the end and na enjoy ko na din, kahit papano :) How many sleepless nights, di ko na alam basta siguro it took me a week to have this blog up. Mula sa pangangapa hanggang sa natapos :D

  3. hello nice blog you have going... Love you