relaxing back rub needed

January 18, 2010

Rain has been constantly pouring these days. The longer it stays the colder it gets. There's so much to do but can't seem to get over with the indolence the cold weather has made me. Wish I could do more other than just tucking myself to bed and get bored.

I'm missing my daughters. At least when they're here days would have been better and not as dull like they were - we can play, sing and laugh together even under the freezing cold weather. But I do miss my Kate's gentle little hand's robbing my back on top of it all... maybe because I've been feeling so sore and stiff from catching more and more zzz's, for days. I badly need to relive my muscles and the only thing I can think of to make it possible is to get a soothing back rub like this...


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