half an inch away

January 21, 2010

I've been venting on my other blogs just how troubled I am these days. Obviously I am coz I didn't even bother to notice that Thursday is already here and its GT time once again. So anyway, here's how mine goes.

A first kiss landed probably about half an inch away from my so tender lips right after our graduation rites in high school. Just as we are ready to leave the church came the so determined nearly 30 year old suitor. He knows that I'll be moving to the city for college so he handed me a keepsake and guess what it was.... a gold ring!!! hahaha! Was he for real? Well, yes I realized he was when I tried to return it and he refused to take it back and told me instead that he bought it for me and that will be p-a-t-i-e-n-t-l-y waiting. Flattered!

Patiently, huh! Just few months before my first year in college ended, I've found out that he already got married to someone of his age. Did it surprise me? Hmm, not really! I could have if we happened to have something romantic to be sorry about but we didn't.

As for the first kiss, I didn't give it nor asked for it so yah, I'm safe to have talked about it here, hahaha!

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  1. mahay na to ron siya sis ngano wa siya hulat nimo. wahehe.

  2. many safe answers this week, lol! mine is here...