a literally wasted Saturday

January 30, 2010

Seated all day listening to a nonsense argument... that's how my day went yesterday. I guess someone should really congratulate me for passing on that lame (I must say) reality test. I honestly didn't like it, not even a bit but I made a promise to myself not to get mad and for that again I guess I deserve a big hand. It's a record breaker actually!

Well, today is another day so hmm, we'll find out what's going to be the next set of test that awaits me later today.

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  1. yep sis, u definitely deserve a big hand. hehe.

    anyway, tagged u...

  2. ok, congratulations! haha.

    sowee sa message, mali pla. anjan pla ako JENIE as listed...pero ung AT-A-BLINK lang. can you include the 3 others to which you are linked as well?

    earthy me
    life round meNyou

    let me know? thanks.