wishful thinking

December 10, 2009

While we are getting steamy atmospheric condition each day, people in other parts of the world are now experiencing the freezing cold weather. I was a bit surprised to have seen JK this morning all shivered with both arms clasped together. Not his usual behavior on the camera because I used to see him unaffected whenever their climate changes. Today is the coldest they've got so far for this year according to him.

Somehow, I'd like to also experience what is it like living in a place with continental or subtropical climate. I sure wouldn't like extreme cold but like a child I would love to see a real snow and make my own snowman, hahaha! I know... wishful thinking! But when I was young I also had fancy imaginations like living in my dream house with well ventilated bedroom, a spacious living room with carpet, wearing elegant dresses, fabulous winter suits, boots and etcetera.

Of course we change as we grow older and as we do we also set our goals according to priorities. Now my dream house remains a dream house but this time it doesn't have to be whimsical. As long as it is something I can call my own then that's already a dream come true to me. As for being in a place where I can see snows, somehow I could say thanks to the advent of technology today... for making almost everything possible... for letting me be where I wanted to be. Thanks to search engines, LOL!

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  1. si hace frio que aburridor, y si hace calor tambien jajaja.

    heat or cold are bad jajaja

  2. hi jkor, wish i know what you're talking about!

    now i need a language translator, haha! Thanks anyway!