unfulfilled plan

December 09, 2009

My family and I are supposed to watch an official opening of a Christmas village here in our town. The place features amazing Christmas decors uniquely designed by the villagers and event will be highlighted with fireworks display. Sadly, we weren't able to go as my niece, Inah's still not in good shape and we can't just leave her behind.

Anyway, the village will be open for public view from this day on so we are always free to visit the place anytime. I also told my sister who initiated the plan that it's best to go there with a nice camera so we can take good pictures home.

Well, I don't want to boast but I'll be getting a new camera for a Christmas present and in replacement for the damaged one and guess what.... it's coming in anytime this week! I can't keep my excitement. And yea, nice new camera deserves wonderful views, lol! So, I'll make sure I have it with me when we are to go that village... probably this weekend :D

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  1. wow! new camera as christmas present. ka sweet ni JK oi. hihi!

  2. Arvin U. de la PeñaDecember 10, 2009 at 6:26 AM

    suwerte ang unang pipicturan ng new camera mo, hehe..

  3. Louise | UPrinting.comDecember 11, 2009 at 11:07 PM

    Is it a DSLR camera that you'll be receiving? Nice, then~
    I feel bad for your niece. I hope she's fine now.