it's not worth it

December 04, 2009

This week's job interview experience brought me back to where I was 3 years ago. Back in TDCI, I was responsible to screen applications, conduct examinations and even initial interview with the applicants and I knew so well how difficult the life of job seekers are.

When I had to go through the same situation again how I so wanted to cry not only for my self but also to my fellow applicants who came all the way from different provinces, way farther than mine just to make it to their appointments. But with the kind of company's staffs we had to deal with and the way they establish relationships with their applicants I would say the effort, the time and the money spent were not worth it at all however, we really never can tell unless we try.

Although my application was highly considered, I am glad their final hiring process didn't suite my personal preference. One, I don't want to spend Christmas without my family as they required training strictly at their main site which is in Manila. Two, I just had one of my wishes granted and that is having my daughters around with me at Christmas so I don't think I'd like to fail that moment and finally, I prefer working in a small yet a good working environment compared to a huge company where everyone tries to be bossy.

Just a piece of advice! Don't ever get intimidated by the prestige or the height of the building of a certain company. You just don't know some of the fabulous looking people working inside it are no better than you are.

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  1. asa diay ka nag apply sis? apil ko. LOL

  2. Arvin U. de la PeñaDecember 8, 2009 at 6:24 PM

    okey lang iyan..may iba pa naman na puwede mong pag aplayan..taga asa ka..bisaya ka ba..