the law of taxi

November 10, 2009

The moment you let another person drive you, you give them full control of the car and the route that you take. Similar, if you let another person place priorities in your life, you will end up following their path, instead of yours. It is also not a secret that the longer you stay in the cab, the more it will cost you and the longer it will take you to get back. If you do not like where you are going in life, it is probably time to take the initiative back into your hands.

Ever wonder why life seems so pointless at times?
We want something done but we just don't know how.
We want to be at a certain place but we can't seem to find the right path to get there.
We get what we want but there always seems to be missing.

Are all these phrases sounds familiar to you?

To me it is and is what exactly I am feeling right now... the emptiness of life despite the presence of everything. But I halt when I happen to read The 9 Universal Goal-Setting Laws. This article is really worth a read. You don't want to miss it as the changes that you need to take may start from there.

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  1. very nice post, Nancy, thanks for sharing :-); i will check the link you have provided here.