my nieces' first excursion experience...

November 12, 2009

.... photos: to follow!

Yesterday's activity was a big success though there were some minor problems along the way but still the kids were able to enjoy while learning and that's what counts.

First stop was at the Davao's Crocodile Park. Like I said, there were some inconsistencies so we reach the place a bit late than the estimated time of arrival. We packed foods as instructed and had our first meal of the day at the park's reserved areas for eating. We did all things together so as soon as everyone's done with breakfast we headed right away to explore the park.

The oldest (like thousands year old) as well as the largest creature inside the park was a living crocodile, thus speaks the name of the park although there were number of other wild, endangered animals around that are waiting to entertain the park goers. There's the different kind of snakes, tigers, boar, monkeys, turtles, birds, ostrich and many more. On the other end of the park lies the so amusing butterfly sanctuary.

I should be jotting down details of every featured creature there but the kids were so amazed that I can hardly control their every move. We weren't able to get good pictures either as sister failed to secure a good camera. It would have been so nice but well, there's always be a second time - we still enjoyed the views at least.

Next stop was at the Science and Technology Centrum. Glad we didn't stayed there for long as the location as well as the center itself is not really worth paying. The kids may have enjoyed some of their exhibits but that was just it. The rest of that part was just disappointing.

At Mergrande Beach Resort we had our lunch. Ah, what a very relaxing place to be. Perfect for our murmuring tummies, LOL! The sun's heat was biting but that didn't stop the kids and their parents to take a plunge. No we didn't. I like beaches but I'm not much of a beach water person.

Final stop... at the Mall!
Shop... shop... shop!
Again I didn't have much money to spend so I just bought some small personal stuffs. Oh well, this is getting too long now. I still have to upload the pictures we took so I'll be posting them here soon. Thanks for reading!

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