back to school time!

November 03, 2009

It's back to school time for my two pretty little ladies.

T'was another sad farewell we had yesterday but hey, they have had a fun-filled two weeks vacation at least. Besides, Christmas is only a month shy away and it has been guaranteed to me that the most special time of the year is ours to celebrate together. I can't be any happier!

I got so many things in mind to do with them before and after Christmas. For one thing I wished for their presence when I have to put up a Christmas tree though I know it is an insurmountable idea unless of course if I decide to do it after Christmas which is a big HA... HA!

I know... just trying to un-break my eyes while doing this post. I am missing them already!

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  1. hahahaha nageemote ka na naman dyan sis hehehe.. ang gaganda naman ng prinsesitas mo..

    Thank you so much for casting your vote which led to Rylie's Victorious Smile.

  2. yogi's back to school na pud sis. dalia ra jud sa adlaw no? pero sige lang,hapit na pud christmas vacay. kapahuway na sad ta. hee hee.

    ay about sa wedding, yep sis, older bro nako to. ikatulo namo, ako may bunso. naunhan nako siya minyo. harhar.

  3. two little pretty angels of yours. don't be sad coz it is for their own good naman di ba?

  4. such cute little girls of yours, Nancy; you'll be okay....sure they will miss you, too!