too bad

October 01, 2009

I felt so sorry for my nieces Jam (left) and MJ (right) today. Around 7 O'clock this morning they called me through my cell phone to ask if I can go to take pictures of them on their school fun day today. (SIGH!) I got tongue tied. I didn't know what to tell them but then I need to make them understand that tita's digital camera is no longer working.

They're both in Kindergarten and this is going to be their first to experience school activities like Kinder Day and sure they were both excited about it. Good thing my sister has a cell phone camera. Now I'm starting to feel bad again. Just thinking of the future occasions to come and not to mention the coming holidays... hay!!! Too bad!

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  1. Hailey's Beats and BitsOctober 2, 2009 at 9:39 AM


  2. hmmmm...dali na ra sis. palit bag-o. hahaha. ako kay naka digicam na jud sa wakas, regalo ni BA. hehe. nanghambog jud ko da.

  3. cute kids..

    zencya na sobrang naging hectic ang schedule ng lolo Goryo.. tumakbo, lumangoy, nagpa-spah, nagtanggal ng tinga, etzetera etzetera.. salamat at di kayo nagsawang dumalaw at bumisita sa aking mumunting tambayan.

    diko maipapangako na hindi ako magiging busy sa mga darating na araw subalit pipilitin kong bumisita sa mga tambayan once in a while.. mabuhay kayo!!! =)

  4. My hat is off to your astute command over this toroa-bpcvi!