together again on another weekend

October 11, 2009

Obviously, I'm talking about me and my girls... Thanks to my mom's birthday last Friday. Having them completed the family that made mom the happiest on her special day... and of course, turned my ordinary days into extra special as well. And having them further explains why I am invisible here as of late. They simply have this charm that allows me to never say 'no' every time they ask to play or watch movie trailers using my computer... even if it take hours or a day. Poor me!

Anyway, I have here some not so old pics of ours along with my nieces. Unfortunately, camera is still unavailable so I need to dig pictures from my files to go with my posts.

daughters Kate (left), Naureen (center)... my niece, Inah and me
(pictures taken some 4 or 5 months ago)

... and there's my niece Jam (Inah's older sister), the addition of the group

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  1. I love the first pic, you all look gorgeous, mana sa tita..

    sis favor naman please?

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