just why?

October 05, 2009

Why say a word when you don't mean it?
Why one has to pay the price over somebody else's fault?
Why are there people who condemn who they consider their "best friends"?
Why hate?
Why the need to count what has been given instead of just giving from the heart?
Why the need to feel jealous?
Why can't we just be happy for others?
Why waste time?
Why not try when it's worth it?
Why can't we listen to advices when we know it's for our own good?
Why choose to be wrong when we can act right?
Why God must give people such irresistible tests?

I know... things happen for a reason.

But, just WHY?

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  1. ya...why? maybe because we're only human, that's why. (",)

    did i make sense. hmmm... parang hindi. lol.

  2. oo nga! bakit nga ba? salamat sa pakiki- WHY, lolo. mabuhay po kayo!