uncaptured memories

September 07, 2009

It's my late dad's birthday today. Mom has to go to work even if it's a holiday so she called a celebration yesterday. It's been ages since we gathered out together. So yesterday we made way for it again but this time with the additions to our family, making it bigger with four little girls (mom's grandchildren) around with us. We went to the nearest mall, had lunch, allowed the girls to play and had fun in wonderland while we shopped.

Unfortunately, for whatever reasons my camera stopped working before I could even start taking shots, I don't know why. Both the power and snap button works but the camera screen refused to take any angles. It went all dark and spots nothing. Hay! I was so disappointed. I've been using it for over a year now and it never acted up like it did until yesterday. We we're all having fun though but it could have been happier and more memorable if we have pictures of us to look at after the celebration.

Oh well... better next luck next time, I guess.

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