September 04, 2009

You think you can shop for this?

or this?

Just some sort of ewww ideas from ewww minds! Hahaha! See more creative slippers here.
Have an ewww... Oops, I mean a fabulous weekend, everyone!

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  1. Naah sis..kahit gusto pa nang iba yang bilhin I won't as in go for it.

    just imagine yourself wearing that rat?
    or your walking with it under you?
    I must admit it's artistic pero just until there..haha

    yung sa isda siguro kaya ko pa ipangalandakan yan!.
    cute din namn kasi eh:)

    miss you here sis.

    Keep safe.

  2. hahaha! same here G. super hate ko yang mga ganyan na mukha ng daga. white mice are cute though, hehe.

    thanks for dropping by,sis.

  3. I am not sure about those as slippers...yikes...so weird :)

  4. para tlagan totoo... hmmm I can't imagine myself wearing this stuff.. but that that's a nice post... LOL.

    By the way... Thanks for your compliment about my sketch drawing on my site. I do really appreciate it.
    Keep going.