the wedding

August 31, 2009

Yea, last Friday (28th) we attended another family occasion. This time it's my cousin Glenn and her wife, Lea's wedding. The couple actually had been living in together for several years and got one child but it was only this year that they finally had decided to receive the sacrament of marriage.

the newly wed

My daughter, Kate (one of the little girls) had her school exams during that day and we're no longer expecting she can make it but as you can see, she did! An hour or so before the ceremony she showed up with aunt and her sister Naureen. The make up artist then made magic to her face, dressed her up and walahh! There she is!

The rest of the little girls. From left are my nieces Jam and MJ. My daughter, Kate at the center. I forgot the name of the fourth girl but if I'm not mistaken, she's the bride's niece and lastly my cousin's girl, Knor Dynne.

the little girls with the newly wed's little boy, Andre

The groom and bride entourage. For me this is the prettiest pose they've done for the entire church ceremony. I just love looking at them that way. Did you know that they're making a family history so far? As you can see most of their maids were umm, a little bit of extra sizes. Those men right behind them obviously took good care of their health needs, LOL!

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  1. waaaa...kaw talaga Nancy palabiro hahaha, dko namalayan but, when you made mention, you are right LOL

    thanks for sharing my friend...came by today...

  2. no problem Ams..thanks for hopping in!

  3. that nice of them.. one of my wish is to have a church wedding

  4. sure, why not pretty mom? all in time. :)