thanks cuz!

August 25, 2009

Finally she made it! Cuz, I know you're super busy so I really appreciate your effort even if it took more than 2 weeks of waiting, hahaha! No, but thank you really. You have no idea how much these photos mean a lot to me...

On the picture is my second daughter, Naureen in her pretty flower girl gown during my cousin Liezel's wedding two weeks ago. There's a kinda long story behind why I felt so awkward attending this occasion but the fact that my little girl was part of the entourage and I can't afford to miss being with her in one of her precious moments, I just gave in and swallowed my pride.

Kate, my oldest daughter giving up her teasing smirk. She always like to make faces on camera.

Looking at these pictures, who can tell that it's not worth the time?

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  1. beautiful pictures and those are some beautiful little girls.

  2. Your li'l girls are real charmers. So cutie!

  3. thanks Beng and Sandi!

  4. Wow she is so beautiful...