August 16, 2009

If personal blogging is not just all about what's new and latest on a blogger's end then I would love to give way to these unshared photos I took while exploring some nice resorts in Cebu.

White Beach Resort, Moalboal
My friend Bebe and I were having so much fun taking pictures while spending a holiday (Labor Day to be exact) roaming around the resort

Club Serena's pool at White Beach
Erratum: photo was taken, May 1, 2008. To my excitement, I forgot to adjust the camera settings, LOL!

Panagsama Beach, Moalboal
This resort is just less than half a mile from where I stayed.

Lambug Beach Resort, Badian
One of the nicest beach I have ever seen. The place has already been discovered but is still under developed. Being situated in a far-flung area, I can only imagine the only way to get there is to have your own car or rented vehicle... or else you will walk a distance.

and here's us... taking our final group pose before leaving the place.

Actually I just miss the fabulous times I have spent with these places that I could wish for another visit. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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  1. What a beautiful place, Always like pool and beach!

    Holiday With Mama

  2. Wow this is very nice place to relax maybe oneday I visit this place..

  3. Wow, i love to be in the beach, but no time coz too busy with my kids.Hehe.Hey friend hope u can drop by if u have time. hope to be my first follower. .Thanks a lot

  4. Of course girl, enjoy na enjoy sa view sobra oyy. Salamat for sharing ha , nice kaayo.