gracias, gee

August 09, 2009

Many thanks to Gee of The Second Realm. It's been a while since this blog was last awarded and I'm missing it somehow as much as I miss sharing thoughts to my blogmates around here.

And now here it comes. I'm gladly sharing these 2 awards to JK, Jetnah, Lynn, Amy, Liza, Maria, Rocks and Niko. Thank you, guys for sharing your uplifting virtual friendship to me. Have a pleasant week ahead to all of you. :-)

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  1. Thank you I will grab it later ...

  2. Congrats sis! And thank you. Na-post ko na. :)

  3. thank you Nancy, oyy d mo ko nalimutan...salamat ha...

    be posting it now..thanks a lot

  4. posted these awards today girl! thank you so much nancy!

  5. you're all welcome guyz..will check your entries shortly.