61st Araw ng Compostela culmination highlights

August 02, 2009

Exactly a week after we celebrated our annual town fiesta on 25th of July, we've witnessed just another festive and colorful 61st Araw ng Compostela celebration in August 1st. Here I'd like to share a clip video of the 30-minute fireworks display prepared by the local government unit during the culmination night and which was witnessed by vast number of Compostelanians about an hour after the program started. All lights were off around the place and shortly the colorful fires begun to light the sky.

Invited artists like once a controversial Candy Pangilinan, former Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar Ronnie Liang and famous stand up comedian and the people's champ (Manny Pacquiao) great impersonator, Pooh never failed to give Compostelanians a good laugh all through out the culmination night. Just sad it was impossible for me to take videos and pictures of them performing on stage because of the so thick and unstoppable crowd infront of us aiming for a better view of the performers.

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