over breakfast

July 03, 2009

Not feeling so well since last night.
Headache... belly discomfort... some colds.
Missing my daughters so much. Hoping to get a chance to talk to them today.
Needed to do some laundry. Maybe later this afternoon.

Having breakfast now.
Not a part of my usual morning activity but I need to this time.
Besides can't take my eyes off the breaded pork chops with tomatoes and onions, LOL!
Of course coffee.

Talking to JK and writing this post
while munching my food :D

It's so bright outside.
Sure it's going to be a lovely sunshiny day.

Any way, time to remove my jacket now.
The cold feeling is gone.
Thanks to the so tempting breakfast
and to the cup of coffee too.

Blog... plurk... maybe to hop some more... chat
These are my agenda for today.
But before that, will do the dishes first.

Oh and have a great weekend everyone :-)

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  1. Hi love spending all the time I can get with you... my Dear....

  2. thanks hon! love ya :D