frosted dodger blue

July 05, 2009

After doing our groceries this afternoon, Mama and I decided to check out a newly opened boutique owned by her former student who is now residing in California. The store sells imported and signature items from clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and beauty products for men and women.

On our way to the store, I was thinking if I can get an Irish Spring soap... it’s what I am using right now. Just loving its subtle smell but unfortunately, they don't have it. It's out of stock.

A bit frustrated but I still continue to look around anyway and at one corner I found a small rack of this brightly colored polishes. Colors and small thingy like this really fascinates me. The price was not bad (P65.00) so I told myself it won't hurt if I get one. Frosted Dodger Blue. I miss this color. I used to wear the same tint before for both my finger and toe nails. I tested it earlier and it looks even nicer and it dries quickly too. Hmm, I just can't wait to do my nails now.

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  1. I bet you look nice wearing it cant wait to see it...

  2. that is a nice color the pictures naman

    by the way, yung amy na nasa list mo, old pa yung URL, pwede paki change into Salamat na marami ..

  3. i madea comment in your past posts...check it...may tags ako sayo in my two blogs....grab mo lang if you like ha

  4. hi thanks for the comment at my blog Belleverlasting.

    And please delete totally the first two comments...galing sa akin delete ko kaso i posted a comment with just my blog URL only. Thanks....Sorry for the inconvenience!

    God bless always!

    Ma Belle

  5. love it :) enjoy it sis!

  6. GMIL & amp, TLC:

    It's ok Belle. Ive been puzzled for a while but now I know, lol! Thanks too for clarifying.


    thanks for dropping sis. Yea, hope i can find time to do it na :-)

  7. Whoa, things just got a whole lot easrie.