July 31, 2009

Family to me is everything. There's no one else that you can turn to in times of all sort of troubles other than your family. There's no comfort anyone can give like a family does and I'm just as glad I found my way back to where my real family is. For five years I've been away from them for some personal reasons and missed lots of events and special occasions that usually strengthen the bond of our relationship like birthdays, fiesta, anniversaries and other fun celebrations.

After the long way of waiting, coping up comes next and it started last summer. I have had the most wonderful time spending it with my two precious daughters along with the other kids in our family. For years I missed being a mother that I just so wanted to grab every opportunity I get to spend time with them. No empty space can contain the happiness that rushes through my heart when I first felt their warm embraces after a long time. God has been really good because He made a way for us. It's never easy when you fall apart with your family but there is always hope like many people tries to believe and nothing is really impossible when you hold on to that hope.

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  1. I am happy you found your way home, and your reunited with your loved ones... But sometimes people are lucky enough to run into that one person who loves them more then any one could... This person tries to help make all the things you wish for possible... Even when this person has to give up so much and sacrifice so much themself to do so... It is a sign of true love when someone puts you above all they want themself...

  2. na tama ka tlga family is our everything, and good to know that you have a good time with your family :D.