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May 04, 2009

Manila...the capital city of the Philippines... The farthest place I've ever been so far.

Never in my entire life did I dream of coming to visit if not for a very important task that I need to accomplish a month ago. While on board a plane, my heart won't seem to stop pounding thinking of the stories and mere talks that I've heard from people who already have gone there. While my mind won't stop wondering how would it be like after stepping down the plane. You may think, I'm over responding but I think it's just a normal reaction when you're at a certain place for the first time and where almost everything is unfamiliar. But, so be it! I ought to be there to get my task done.

Though it didn't turn out to be a fortunate appointment, I am still thankful I successfully made it safe. Plus I have had a day of pleasurable chance to visit Robinson's Manila and explore what they consider the 3rd largest mall of the entire Asia, the SM Mall of Asia. It's just about 20-minute ride (with a regular traffic flow) from Manila Bay Hotel in Roxas Boulevard where I stayed.

And this is of course one of the reasons while I didn't want to come without my camera with me (:-D)

to take this view, I have to walk more or less a hundred meter from the mall's grocery entrance where the taxi driver dropped me and then back to the main entrance after taking the pic

this giant globe which I believe a landmark is the very first thing that would catch your attention as soon as you enter the mall's premises. It is situated right infront of the mall's main entrance.

just another outside view I decided to take. the taxi driver told me this building across consist of the SM's different department offices.

the mall's main entrance hall...

and this is me... helping my ownself... just to have a souvenir of myself while inside the mall, (poor me... I'm all alone!)

another self service... this time at the NAIA, keeping myself busy while patiently waiting for our aircraft to arrive. Me along with the other passengers were stuck for 2 hours. The weather was bad. I don't want to fall asleep... the passenger's waiting area got congested due to flight delays.

see how the weather was like? though the rain wasn't really that bad, i still think it's what causes the flight delays during that time.

wear that jacket on... it's finally time to leave!12A-window seat, here I come!
but since it's already dark and I can no longer see what it's like on the outside, I opt to just take a nap for the entire flight duration instead. It really helped me feel better.

Huh, what a very tiring day it was. True enough, it takes a day or two to explore the entire mall of Asia or perhaps even more to get through a complete shopping especially I think during holidays. The following morning, I can't almost get my body up...I certainly was stiff and my legs were hurting so bad from all the walking. Arghh!!!

Finally, after how everything turned out, I believe I deserve some break. And to whichever in the world I wanna see myself next? don't want to think about it yet! I just wanna be in one place right now...and that is HOME... where I can give my pretty little head some rest.

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  1. Very nice post... I still believe it was not a total lose... Great things can still happen... Sometimes things work out just not how and when we want them too... But just because it is not as fast or when we hope for it to happen does not mean it cant or wont happen...

  2. good for u to have explored the mall, sis. ako? wala pa tawon. poor me! lol.

    i think i have an idea na about the thing u've blogged about before. but don't worry sis, u would still have a lot of chances and don't give up. keep on fighting. mwah!

  3. just happened to stumble upon your blog.
    just remember....good things never come easy. but never give up easily. keep trying.

    and on Manila. was there last october. Mall of Asia....huge.
    but what mad me sad was among the high rises and malls in makati (where i stayed), if you look just beyond that place, not all are benefiting from progress. the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. the fact of life ...maybe?

  4. @lynn
    yep... i just didn't want to hurt myself further so i opt not to talk about it much.

    unfortunately i didn't get the chance to visit Makati. Anyways, I agree about that fact of life you're saying. I've seen it anywhere. Well, i believe it's everywhere.