bath soap for the hair?

May 23, 2009

If there's not much choice left, you probably would just say yes, would you not? LOL!

Though it's not a policy, we at home usually don't share personal hygiene essentials like bath soap and shampoo. I was aware my daughters consumed the few last drops of my shampoo this morning so after taking their bath I asked them both to buy me a sachet but unfortunately the store next to our house was close so I ended up using a bath soap for my hair instead. Weird I know and it certainly don't feel good but I just can't use a conditioner without cleansing my scalp first. I always make sure though I don't run out of hair conditioner. So I still feel light when I stepped out the bathroom.

What about you... how do you think you would respond to a situation like this?

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  1. I have used soap on my head on several occasions and it has never been a problem to me... My head still feels clean... SO It dont matter to me..