first of may

April 30, 2009

Third attempt to write about something for today but I still can't gather my thoughts. Twenty more minutes before the clock strikes 12. Come first of May... another Philippine's official holiday. I wonder what are the people's agenda for tomorrow. I'm sure the country's streets and highways will again be filled with different group of advocates aiming for their voices to be heard. Oh well, I really have nothing against these people as long as they will just act reasonably and accordingly.

May 1 is Philippines' Labor Day

I remember, last year's labor day we were in this place. One of the beach resorts my friend, Bebe and I visited while I was still in Cebu. And this is how I wrote the words LABOR DAY on the sand using a bottle of purified drinking water. Just don't take notice of the displayed date on the picture though. I got too excited to capture views and places using my new digital camera during that time and so I simply did not bother setting the date and time. So this pictures were taken May 1st of last year ... 2008 and not 2007 :-D

Anyways, to people for their pursuit to whatever, I wish them safe and and successful endeavor for tomorrow. Me, I'd rather just stay home and hopefully have a productive holiday.

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