the fascinating Cebu

March 13, 2009

While I was still in Cebu, many people including friends and relatives wondered how long am I going to stay...cause every time they ask, I just say "I don't know yet... I'll stay as long as I wanted to".

Well, it happened and that was just it. I felt the need to be away one day and it was Cebu that I chose to be where I wanna be. I was there because I wanted to and somehow along the way, it served a considerable purpose that was beyond my expectation. For my sister and her family, a life that was tough and a real struggle, economic wise is what they went through after losing their financial means but however God planned to make all those things to happen, I didn't mind reaching out to them because it was the welfare of my sister and her daughters that matters and they are obviously what's keeping me there.

But generally, my stay in Cebu was a real fun experience. I was able to explore these beautiful and fascinating places and beaches below that you too would surely love to be.

The White Beach
The local residents calls it Bas Dako because of the large amount of white sand that lays around the place
Bas in Cebuano means sand while Dako means large
It's counterpart is called Bas Diot and it means the other way around

Panagsama Beach
located at Brgy. Bas Diot, Moalboal, Cebu

Peskador Island
one of the famous diving destination located at Panagsama Beach resort

Lambog Resort
located in Badian, Cebu

and finally...

The Sea Port

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