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March 30, 2009

I just joined this new thingy on the Internet and I'm beginning to like it. Thanks to my cousin, Andrew. This was his idea. I'm really not much into social networking but Plurk makes a difference. To me it's like micro-blogging where you can flaunt yourself through short, digestible messages called Plurk. A suggestive idea for users who don't or don't have the time to read lengthy posts yet wants an update of their friends or people that matters to them. In other words, plurking is a stylish, innovative way to let people know of your present online status. Its benefits? You can post about anything. No need to worry about a niche. It is instant and easy and most importantly, you may announce your website or your blog post URL to create instant burst of traffic.

The Karma system (a metric for plurker's activity) is one of its challenging features. It stimulates participation and continued conversation. The more you plurk, the more you get Karma and as your Karma increases, the more options and special features are made available for you.

Well, I'm just new to plurking and like I said, I am liking it and maybe, like what it did to other plurkers, it'll also grow in me... who knows!

Need to get started? I'm humbly sharing you my Plurk page here... or you may click the image below to sign-up.

Happy plurking :D

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  1. Hi! You have nice content here. Care to exchange links? Kindly add my blog then let me know so I can add you aswell.


  2. ahhh this is going to be too much for me. I cant even update my 3 blogs regularly, but once I have the time, I will try to register. Thanks for sharing Beyond The Rave Reality, Computer and Electronics, Money Online Thoughts

  3. it's ok, pressure at all but if you have the time, would love to welcome you as always.

    thanks for dropping by :)

  4. Hello gwapa! Add pud ko sa plurk bhe. pinaymommy ko sa plurk. hehehe

    Welcome to PlurkVille!

  5. done adding you Rubs...happy plurking :D