my handwriting

March 25, 2009

I wrote down this tag yesterday which Lynn of My so-called life had given me... I just wasn't able to post it right away cause my camera runs out of batteries so have to wait till it gets re-charged. This is actually my _nth delayed post, lol! Forgive my busyness and my unwillingness to blog too sometimes ;)

Anyway here it is now... mission accomplished!

I have nothing much to say about my handwriting except that it varies in strokes according to my mood.

"Remember me this way" is my usual pen test phrase. Odd, huh! So when you come across with this phrase whenever you buy pens, think about it... it could be!

So, is your handwriting worth sharing? Blog it! Go through this rules here and feel free to grab this tag.

Thanks Lynn and Happy Thursday, everyone!


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  1. oi..nice new look pud diay diri. very pink! like it, sis. as in!

    salamat sa paghimo aning tag, sis. no problem bisan delayed. maskig ako busy pud so now lang ka visit taman. ayo ayo diha. mwahugs!

  2. wow you have a good hand writing..but me it´s suck LOL..have a nice weekend there!